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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Close To My Heart Product Spotlight Blog Hop - Dimensional Elements

Welcome to my blog!  If you just came from Jenifer's blog then you are in the right place.

I have to admit, I was a bit intimidated by Dimensional Elements until I did this project.  It was a lot easier than I thought and I think they add such a great 3D feel to projects.  I am mentioning this because if you are thinking about trying Dimensional Elements that you will see something on this bloghop that will finally inspire you to DIVE IN AND DO IT!!!  Just try it a few times, it really doesn't take long to get the hang of it.

 I used Dimensional Elements to make a "Snowgirl."

I called it a snowman at first, but my daughter insisted that it is girl and not a man.  Right she was!  I hope you enjoy my Snowgirl!

She is make out of two tins cans covered with Colonial White Cardstock that has been stamped with Love is in the Air in Chocolate and Baby Pink ink.

I used two round dimensional elements covered with Black ink for the two "coal" eyes.  (I was thinking about Frosty - but a girl just CAN'T have a corn cob pipe!)  And she does indeed have a button nose.

I used three heart shaped DE and sponged them with Baby Pink ink to get the color I wanted.  I used Sparkles and Colonial White bitty brads to further embellish my Snowgirl.

Let me know what you think.  I had so much fun making this.  One more thing, my sweet little daughter suggested the sparkles on the eyes and I am so glad she did!  Snowgirl is much more cute with sparkles on her eyes.  I hope you make your own snowgirl.

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  1. This is so fantastically cute!!! You are so creative. Awesome project :)

  2. Too cute for words! That little "hair ornament" is sooooo sweet!!

  3. Awww...this is so cute. :) Love her barettes (sp)

  4. She is SNOW CUTE! (Sorry- couldn't resist!) What a great project idea!

  5. Wow! How cute is she? And she won't melt!

  6. Just curious...whats in the cans??

  7. Good Question, Beth. Both cans are now empty and washed out, but you could don't have to empty the cans. If you leave the food inside, then its more like a table weight - so it would help keep your table cloth in place. The large can was pineapple slices and the smaller can was tomato sauce. I hope that helps. On other projects I've used canned peaches - they are larger than the pineapple cans and make GREAT candle holders. Thanks for asking!

  8. That's brilliant way! Great job!