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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dear Paper Blog. . I missed you

So I am not a consultant for any company, nor do I have plans to be but I just can't deny how much I like doing projects with paper.  I was a consultant for a while with a fabulous papery-stampy company that I still love, but it turns out that I am super frugal and now I am in the process of using  up my stuff before I acquire more. Crazy idea, huh?

But I missed my paper blog. Maybe it fills a need to create, maybe the process is therapeutic for me, maybe I just really like doing it for no good reason!  So after a little hiatus (ahem, it looks like my last post was 2 years ago) I AM BACK!  I will be posting my paperish and other projects on this blog.  

So while this blog is called "Paper Crafting Princess" don't be surprised if I put up pictures of the tile back splash I DID MYSELF or the new and improved banister my dad and husband installed.  Let's focus on the "Crafting" part of the title.  There may be paper involved. . .but there might not, I'm just warning you ahead of time so you won't feel disappointed.

No projects to post today.  I am working on something, but. . . . 

In the meantime, you can gaze upon the home of my childhood for fun.