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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Have you ever looked at your scrapbook page layout and just felt that it needed a little "something"? When I start to feel distressed, I have a little trick that never fails. . . . . . DISTRESSING!

Have you ever tried distressing? It is so fun and so easy and REALLY gives your layout that "I've been around for a while" feeling. Today we will just talk about Ink distressing.
If you are going for that "aged" look then you will want to used either a brown, black or white ink. White ink? you may ask. Well the brown and the black make your pages look older and somewhat shabby (which I LOVE the shabby look) and the white makes your paper look like it is wearing out.
So after you have your scrapbook page all laid out and before you glue anything, take you ink and brush it along the edges of ALL your papers. You will want to do this on every edge to make your page look consistent.
You can either hold the ink pad in your hand and brush the ink pad along the edges of the paper,

or you can lie the pad on your table and brush the edges of the paper across the ink pad.
Try wadding up your paper into a ball (just like you are going to throw it in the trash can), then flatten it out and brush ink along the edges and creases. This creates a very unique and one of a kind look.

I am sure you will find a lot of different projects to use this technique on, just make sure you use the same technique on the whole project, this is important to create continuity. Here is a sample page for you to look at, be sure to notice the distressing I did with white ink.

Now that you are a pro at Ink Distressing, try the same technique with different colors.

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